Nojibur becomes new principal Senior Secretary to PM

Md Nojibur Rahman, NBR Chairman and Senior Secretary at the Internal Resources Division, has been made the new Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister. Public Administration Ministry has issued a notification in this regard on Sunday. The revenue chief succeeded Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury as his term is scheduled to expire on December 31, according… Read More »

Don’t let me go | some signs you need to learn

Relationship is the most important part to being social in this universe. To get perfect life partner is the sometimes depends on your luck. But if you are in a relation then you must know the person whom you are going to lead your rest of your life. In this time there are some signs… Read More »

Bedbugs removing Fire Spray techniques

Bedbugs: You May be tried so many techniques to remove Bedbugs from you house. But you Failed 🙁 . So sad . You can try the flowing Fire spray technique to remove Bedbugs permanently from your house. Live walking Bedbugs suck your Blood and make you week. and day by day you will sick. So its time… Read More »

Paper Airplane Puzzle solving techniques video

Paper Airplane puzzle: There are lot of brain games is the Gaming world. Puzzle Game is one of brain game. Different age range with different game. Here I am solving such simple paper Airplane puzzle as for fun. The video will show how to bring out the puzzles and how to arrange them in a… Read More »

How can doctors evolve as a profession

How can doctors evolve as a profession if we aren’t willing to explore things we don’t understand, like energy medicine or shamanism or faith healing? As a scientist, I’ve been curious enough to go to 16,000 feet in the Andes in Peru to sit with shamans, interview energy healers from the US, research Qigong masters… Read More »

Living with a secret life and secret journey

Living with a secret life and hide own emotions it’s really difficult. Secret means really secret. While whole world behind you but you are hiding something that’s the secret. You may lie to yourself for this secret. Die for keep the secret in your heart.   But at the end of this secret journey what… Read More »

Video of Einstein’s special relativity that own $250,000

Ryan Chester Video illustration. It’s almost 110 years that Einstein established the theory of relativity. That change the thought of Modern Science and Physics in the earth. But recently a boy name Ryan Chester make a small video to illustrate the Einstein’s special relativity to show in a simple way. The most important of the video is… Read More »

Relationships as a vehicle for thrusting you forward

Relationships can serve as a vehicle for thrusting you forward on your hero’s journey. If you’re interested in fast-tracking your hero’s journey, say yes to those who are willing to illuminate your shadow and help you accelerate your growth. But take extra care to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Avoid the tendency to beat… Read More »

Tk 1 million fine for Farmers Bank

The Supreme Court (SC) has said Farmers Bank can move the Bangladesh Bank for a review of the decision to slap a Tk 1 million fine for concealing loan disbursement information. The Appellate Division led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha passed the order after disposing the writ petition filed in this regard on Thursday.… Read More »

How to ask for clarification in conversation

Clarification in the conversation ! Sometimes during the conversation we can’t get clear concept or don’r really understand the what the person asking for. In that case we want the person to repeat what he said. If you said WHAT? It’s Sound’s something rude or not in polite way. You need to ask to repeat… Read More »