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Nojibur becomes new principal Senior Secretary to PM

Md Nojibur Rahman, NBR Chairman and Senior Secretary at the Internal Resources Division, has been made the new Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Public Administration Ministry has issued a notification in this regard on Sunday.

The revenue chief succeeded Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury as his term is scheduled to expire on December 31, according to the notification.

Nojibur’s new position put him at par with the Cabinet secretary in civil service rank.

In Bangladesh’s warrant of precedence, the principal secretary is just below the Cabinet secretary but above the chiefs of the army, navy and air force.

A 1982 BCS recruit, Rahman had helmed the forest and environment ministry and the planning ministry’s statistics and informatics division prior to his job as the revenue chief.

He also headed the department of environment as the director general.

Born in 1960 in northeastern district of Sunamganj, Rahman is set to go on post retirement leave from Dec 30, 2019.

Don’t let me go | some signs you need to learn

Relationship is the most important part to being social in this universe. To get perfect life partner is the sometimes depends on your luck. But if you are in a relation then you must know the person whom you are going to lead your rest of your life.

In this time there are some signs are need to observe to know how your partner treating to you. And How could you understand then you should’t let your partner away from your life.

There are some signs you need to learn why you shouldn’t let are go….


  • She’s supportive
  • She’s beautiful
  • She’s kind and attentive
  • She’s energetic
  • She loves you to the bottom of her heart
  • She knows how to compromise
  • She makes you feel that you’re in the right place
  • She’s more than happy to tell you when you’re wrong
  • She has strength of character
  • She’s passionate
  • She means everything to you

Above signs if exist on your partner behavior don’t let her go. Try to make your partner more happy thous how you can make your relationship longer till your death.


Bedbugs removing Fire Spray techniques

Bedbugs: You May be tried so many techniques to remove Bedbugs from you house. But you Failed 🙁 . So sad . You can try the flowing Fire spray technique to remove Bedbugs permanently from your house.

Live walking Bedbugs suck your Blood and make you week. and day by day you will sick. So its time to remove them all.  Removing Bedbugs is easy then you think.

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You Can take flowing steps against Bedbug:
  • Find the nest of Bed bug on your bed and put hot Calender (Iron) machine on it. As result Bed bugs will die and their eggs too.
  • Mix Detergent powder with water and spray on bed bugs living area.
  • Make Naphthalene powder and through it near all corners of your bed and living room.
  • Alcohol spray is another best way to remove Bed bug from house.
  • Cleaning with hot water of your Cloths, bed covers others pillow covers will remove the Bed bugs.

 Bedbugs removing Fire Spray techniques Video:

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Live Bedbugs Video:

Paper Airplane Puzzle solving techniques video

Paper Airplane puzzle:
There are lot of brain games is the Gaming world. Puzzle Game is one of brain game. Different age range with different game. Here I am solving such simple paper Airplane puzzle as for fun.Paper Airplane puzzle

The video will show how to bring out the puzzles and how to arrange them in a right way. This model is so easiest among the all puzzle games.

Lets see the video below how solve paper Airplane puzzle game.

One think, this toy puzzle was free gift with Maggi Noodles. It’s funny to rearrange them in proper ways. And also have numbering instruction on the back side of that puzzle.

There are lot of e-commerce site to buy puzzle game and delivery to your home. If you wish to get variety of Puzzle game like this Click here.

On this bellow image a puzzle game box where you will find 100 pieces of Airplane puzzle frame. Theses Airplane modes are really cool. Hope your child would like this puzzle.

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Click to Watch video on Airplane puzzle Solving technique.

Amazon Puzzle Game

See the Video on Paper Airplane Puzzle solving technique:

How can doctors evolve as a profession

How can doctors evolve as a profession if we aren’t willing to explore things we don’t understand, like energy medicine or shamanism or faith healing? As a scientist, I’ve been curious enough to go to 16,000 feet in the Andes in Peru to sit with shamans, interview energy healers from the US, research Qigong masters from China and electric healers in Bali to explore the new and old story of how healing can happen. If you look back at the history of science, most radical breakthroughs flew in the face of scientific dogma, and those on the cutting edge were initially dismissed by the scientific community as quacks and crazies. But science must remain objective. The minute we start censoring anything that threatens the dominant scientific worldview, we fall into dogma and lose the opportunity to be real scientists who seek only truth and are happy to be proven wrong. As a doctor, I just wanted to illuminate universal truths. The truth can never be discredited, because it’s just true.

The faith-filled part of me was willing to accept that there are things we experience that science simply can’t explain yet. Sometimes science just hasn’t developed the technology to prove the existence of the phenomena we are actually experiencing as “real.” Those who theorize something are often proven right years later, but during the messy in-between, these people sometimes get burned at the stake. Until their ideas can be verified by science, these kinds of visionaries must cling to something intangible. Call it faith. Call it intuition. It was radical for me to even conceive of the idea that healing might involve factors we simply can’t explain with science yet. But my mind had already been dismantled with question marks, and I simply couldn’t unlearn what I was learning.
Was this my baby in the bathwater, this impulse to seek truth in medicine?

Living with a secret life and secret journey

Living with a secret life and hide own emotions it’s really difficult. Secret means really secret. While whole world behind you but you are hiding something that’s the secret. You may lie to yourself for this secret. Die for keep the secret in your heart.
But at the end of this secret journey what will happen to theses secret. For example in life we crashed or fall in love in many times, but do we ever express that feelings to the concern person? We keep it as secret.
Sometimes we wake up with bad dreams and cry alone. It’s may about someone we really want beside us. And we can’t explain the truth. The secret remain secret.
Suppose you meet someone and you find the person attached something not fair, And you like the fact keep hide to save. Thus how you are relation get complicated and secret.
As long as we try to smile but such secrets are in our life become obstacle. and push us slowly to the death. And all around us get mysterious.
Making a relation start with Secret procedure. Some relation remain in mystery, and some are bloom like flower.
In our short life the secrets need to maintain out personalities and for our social respect. Suppose you fall in love with a Prostitute, but for many social reason you can’t make the decision.
We have to over come our mysterious secret to live like a perfect human with joy and make reason to smile 🙂
Friends are the most important part to share theses secrets and make our life easier. Finding the perfect friends is another challenge for this secret journey. There are lot of points to consider someone to be your perfect friend.
Another issue is to lead an honest life. To perform an honest life There will be no secret in your life. and That will make you socially or mentally harassed.
At the lest of my Secret Journey I would like to let you know all everything behind a secret. So let your secret remain secret.

Video of Einstein’s special relativity that own $250,000

Ryan Chester Video illustration.

It’s almost 110 years that Einstein established the theory of relativity. That change the thought of Modern Science and Physics in the earth.

But recently a boy name Ryan Chester make a small video to illustrate the Einstein’s special relativity to show in a simple way.

The most important of the video is that for this video Ryan Chester win $250,000. Ryan Chester likes to prove the Einstein’s two postulates by showing easy and simple ways in real time experiments. Also Ryan Chester shows how quantum mechanics can be used to wrap your mind around why time must slow down the faster an object moves.

Check out Ryan Chester’s Video on Einstein’s special relativity


Relationships as a vehicle for thrusting you forward


Relationships can serve as a vehicle for thrusting you forward on your hero’s journey. If you’re interested in fast-tracking your hero’s journey, say yes to those who are willing to illuminate your shadow and help you accelerate your growth. But take extra care to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Avoid the tendency to beat yourself up when you suddenly see how your ego has been running the show.

Treat your Small Self like the little child that it is. Hug this part of yourself. Be gentle and loving. Promise that the larger part of you will take good care of this Small Self. Don’t abuse yourself in the name of your spiritual development.

Don’t let anyone else abuse you either. Spiritual bullying is not kind or effective. You can’t traumatize yourself into enlightenment. Give yourself permission to request kindness, gentleness, and compassion from those who show up to serve your growth. Sure, sometimes you need a scalpel to cut yourself out of your victim story so you can align with your purpose in a pure way.

But other times, we need to be tenderly met where we are in our pain. Human life is hard, and sometimes life hurts, and compassion is strong medicine. So, yes, muster up the courage to attract relationships that grow you. But give yourself permission to be comforted, too.

We need mentors who push us, but we also need those who hold us close and comfort us when things are moving too fast. Both are necessary to navigate the journey.

-Excerpt from The Anatomy of a Calling

Source: Public Post of  Lissa Rankin

Tk 1 million fine for Farmers Bank

The Supreme Court (SC) has said Farmers Bank can move the Bangladesh Bank for a review of the decision to slap a Tk 1 million fine for concealing loan disbursement information.

The Appellate Division led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha passed the order after disposing the writ petition filed in this regard on Thursday.

According to the laws, the bank now has 14 days to file a review plea with the central bank.

Thursday’s order by the top court means it is the central bank, which will now decide whether the Farmer`s bank has to pay the fine.

Farmers Bank was launched just two and a half years ago with former home minister and Awami League MP Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir as the main sponsor.

Alamgir is the chairman of the bank`s 21-member board of directors, having replaced his wife.

The central bank has brought it under strict surveillance and appointed an observer following irregularities relating to Tk 4 billion.

How to ask for clarification in conversation

Clarification in the conversation ! Sometimes during the conversation we can’t get clear concept or don’r really understand the what the person asking for. In that case we want the person to repeat what he said.

If you said WHAT? It’s Sound’s something rude or not in polite way. You need to ask to repeat in manner. It’s most important in the interview or even in the corporate world meting purposes. So you need to practice the given below words or phrase for asking  for clarification in manner or proper way.

How to ask for clarification in conversation?

Some Clarification in manner or proper way:

✔ Sorry: Using this word not just to apologize but to ask for clarification and in informal environment.
As for Example – Sorry, I didn’t get your points.

✔ Come again: This is also a  way to asking for clarification in an informal situation. While you are on a call or talking to someone and can’t understand what the person said, you can use the phrase come again.
As for Example – This place is so filthy! Come again.

✔ I beg your pardon: – This phrase is mostly used in a formal situation
As for Example – I beg your pardon, I didn’t hear you.

✔ Could you say that again, please: – When you want a person to repeat what has just been he said you ask Could you say that again adding the please to show manner.
As for Example – I am sorry, it’s a bad connection could you say that again, please.

✔ I didn’t quite catch that, could you repeat it – When you did’t get what has already been said you can use this informally.
As for Example – I didn’t quite catch what you  just said could you please repeat that?

✔ Could you illustrate: When you really want things to be explained well you can use this phrase.
As for Example – We are working on this project but I didn’t get what your expectations are on this so could you please illustrate.

✔ Could you give an example: This phrase can be used for asking something to be explained with examples.
As for Example – Could you please give me a few examples to understand it better.