Bedbugs removing Fire Spray techniques

By | May 8, 2016

Bedbugs: You May be tried so many techniques to remove Bedbugs from you house. But you Failed 🙁 . So sad . You can try the flowing Fire spray technique to remove Bedbugs permanently from your house.

Live walking Bedbugs suck your Blood and make you week. and day by day you will sick. So its time to remove them all.  Removing Bedbugs is easy then you think.

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You Can take flowing steps against Bedbug:
  • Find the nest of Bed bug on your bed and put hot Calender (Iron) machine on it. As result Bed bugs will die and their eggs too.
  • Mix Detergent powder with water and spray on bed bugs living area.
  • Make Naphthalene powder and through it near all corners of your bed and living room.
  • Alcohol spray is another best way to remove Bed bug from house.
  • Cleaning with hot water of your Cloths, bed covers others pillow covers will remove the Bed bugs.

 Bedbugs removing Fire Spray techniques Video:

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Live Bedbugs Video:



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