Living with a secret life and secret journey

By | February 1, 2016
Living with a secret life and hide own emotions it’s really difficult. Secret means really secret. While whole world behind you but you are hiding something that’s the secret. You may lie to yourself for this secret. Die for keep the secret in your heart.
But at the end of this secret journey what will happen to theses secret. For example in life we crashed or fall in love in many times, but do we ever express that feelings to the concern person? We keep it as secret.
Sometimes we wake up with bad dreams and cry alone. It’s may about someone we really want beside us. And we can’t explain the truth. The secret remain secret.
Suppose you meet someone and you find the person attached something not fair, And you like the fact keep hide to save. Thus how you are relation get complicated and secret.
As long as we try to smile but such secrets are in our life become obstacle. and push us slowly to the death. And all around us get mysterious.
Making a relation start with Secret procedure. Some relation remain in mystery, and some are bloom like flower.
In our short life the secrets need to maintain out personalities and for our social respect. Suppose you fall in love with a Prostitute, but for many social reason you can’t make the decision.
We have to over come our mysterious secret to live like a perfect human with joy and make reason to smile 🙂
Friends are the most important part to share theses secrets and make our life easier. Finding the perfect friends is another challenge for this secret journey. There are lot of points to consider someone to be your perfect friend.
Another issue is to lead an honest life. To perform an honest life There will be no secret in your life. and That will make you socially or mentally harassed.
At the lest of my Secret Journey I would like to let you know all everything behind a secret. So let your secret remain secret.