Relationships as a vehicle for thrusting you forward

Relationships can serve as a vehicle for thrusting you forward on your hero’s journey. If you’re interested in fast-tracking your hero’s journey, say yes to those who are willing to illuminate your shadow and help you accelerate your growth. But take extra care to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Avoid the tendency to beat… Read More »

Tk 1 million fine for Farmers Bank

The Supreme Court (SC) has said Farmers Bank can move the Bangladesh Bank for a review of the decision to slap a Tk 1 million fine for concealing loan disbursement information. The Appellate Division led by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha passed the order after disposing the writ petition filed in this regard on Thursday.… Read More »

How to ask for clarification in conversation

Clarification in the conversation ! Sometimes during the conversation we can’t get clear concept or don’r really understand the what the person asking for. In that case we want the person to repeat what he said. If you said WHAT? It’s Sound’s something rude or not in polite way. You need to ask to repeat… Read More »

Every day Office late ? How long this will continued ?

Every day Office late? How long this will continued ? To get the office lately it’s become our bad habit day by day. The person who is making this late he may tried to get the office timely, but some how he can’t reach the office in time. As a result the daily excuse jam… Read More »