Relationships as a vehicle for thrusting you forward

By | January 28, 2016


Relationships can serve as a vehicle for thrusting you forward on your hero’s journey. If you’re interested in fast-tracking your hero’s journey, say yes to those who are willing to illuminate your shadow and help you accelerate your growth. But take extra care to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Avoid the tendency to beat yourself up when you suddenly see how your ego has been running the show.

Treat your Small Self like the little child that it is. Hug this part of yourself. Be gentle and loving. Promise that the larger part of you will take good care of this Small Self. Don’t abuse yourself in the name of your spiritual development.

Don’t let anyone else abuse you either. Spiritual bullying is not kind or effective. You can’t traumatize yourself into enlightenment. Give yourself permission to request kindness, gentleness, and compassion from those who show up to serve your growth. Sure, sometimes you need a scalpel to cut yourself out of your victim story so you can align with your purpose in a pure way.

But other times, we need to be tenderly met where we are in our pain. Human life is hard, and sometimes life hurts, and compassion is strong medicine. So, yes, muster up the courage to attract relationships that grow you. But give yourself permission to be comforted, too.

We need mentors who push us, but we also need those who hold us close and comfort us when things are moving too fast. Both are necessary to navigate the journey.

-Excerpt from The Anatomy of a Calling

Source: Public Post of  Lissa Rankin